About the film

Bowie Goes To Jail a film by Matthew Ehlers

Late on the evening of March 20th, 1976 after a concert at the Rochester War Memorial, David Bowie was arrested along with Iggy Pop at the Americana Hotel on marijuana charges. Five days later, David Bowie returned to Rochester for the arraignment that ended with a failure to convict. The arrest faded into Rochester lore until Bowie’s amazingly glamourous mug shot was rediscovered and went viral on the internet.

The details surrounding this bizarre moment in Rochester’s history are still unknown to this day. Bowie Goes To Jail will explore what exactly happened that night by interviewing those who were there.

We seek to connect with anyone who has knowledge related to Bowie’s arrest or knows someone who does as well as those interested in helping on the documentary during our 2016 shoot. Please drop us a line at info@bowiegoestojail.com.